Why Choose Us?

Qubera Wealth Management was set up very differently from the typical financial services firm. The company’s name is derived from “Kubera”, who in Hindu mythology was the god and protector of wealth. Embracing the ideology of guarding our clients’ wealth, we adopt a fiduciary standard for our clients – which means we put their interests first, similar to what you would expect from your doctor or attorney.

Every advisory firm wants you to believe that they’re working for your best interest. Our business is structured in a way that goes far beyond just lip-service.

  • Transparency & Accountability

    Unlike most firms, we do not accept commissions, or any kind of compensation from anyone except you. As fee-only advisors, our compensation structure is fully transparent, and free from conflicts of interest.

  • Fully Independent

    Since we are fully independent, we don’t have to rely on research that may be biased to sell more products. Nor are we constrained by our choice of products. We can make independent decisions and choose solutions that are in your best interest.

  • Low Client-to-Advisor Ratio

    Unlike the typical brokerage firm, where advisors may have several hundred clients, we control our ratio to provide better investment oversight and personalized service. Our clients have direct access to the firm’s management.

  • Competence

    Our firm’s founder has graduate degrees in Finance and Technology, which are academically rigorous and relevant to asset management. We believe in the value of continuous education, and we constantly update ourselves on best-practices for financial planning, investment research and technology.

Many notable advisors in this industry are salesmen, who focus on the accumulation of assets. We differentiate ourselves by bringing smarter approaches and deeper research in to investment strategies.

We’re passionate about financial planning and investment management, and are excited to work with you.

Qubera Wealth serves clients throughout Los Angeles, and Southern California.