Who We Work With

Building Partnerships that Last

Qubera Wealth works with:

  • Physicians
  • Small Business Owners
  • Sales & Adtech Professionals
  • Families in Los Angeles & throughout Southern California

The common thread between our clients is their concern for their future, and their desire for help in getting their financial house in order. They are typically either saving for their future, nearing retirement, or actively enjoying retirement, and they value independent advice in these areas.

Transparency and accountability are important to my clients, and they are seeking advice that is free from any conflict of interest.  They want to know where they stand, and why recommendations are being made.

Sometimes, my clients have had bad experiences with “brokers” who charged them an excessive fee, lost them considerable sums of money, and then stopped returning their phone calls. These clients enjoy working with us because we provide direct and open communication, and constant education to help them better understand their financial situation.

The financial planning and investment management process is often overwhelming and confusing. Typical clients want a partner in the financial planning process, someone who can not only engage, but also educate them. They also like the high level of direct personal contact. We enjoy going out to see our clients, and we want to speak to them on the phone and answer their emails.

We’re passionate about financial planning and investment management, and we’re always happy to talk about it.

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