Research – Guiding Investment Decisions

While we don’t believe in day trading our client accounts, we still follow the markets daily, and pay close attention to domestic and global macroeconomic events, Fed policy, earnings releases, etc. We gather research from a variety of sources to help us make our investment decisions, including, but not limited to, the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, Barrons, Morningstar, Zacks, Vanguard, JPMorgan, PIMCO and Doubleline.

Custodians – Holding Your Investments

While we work for you, and not brokerage firms, we do work with brokerage firms. These firms act as custodians for your accounts since Qubera Wealth never takes custody of your investments. The custodian generates your statements, executes trades in your account, and provides trade confirmations.

When working with Qubera Wealth, your assets would be held with our preferred custodian – FolioFN. One advantage in doing so is we would be able to place trades on your behalf, enabling you to focus on other things in life.

Other Professionals

We will also work closely with your tax and legal advisors, since it is important we are all on the same page when it comes to your financial plans.

We may also refer you to local professionals if and when needed. (We receive absolutely no compensation for any referrals – to accept anything would be a conflict of interest, and goes against our core beliefs).

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