Our Investment Approach

QWM follows time-tested principles and academic research to help meet your financial needs and goals.

Balancing Risk and Opportunity

Even though the stock market has historically returned nearly 10% on average, most investors end up with only a fraction of these returns. This is due to emotionally based investment decisions, as well as futile attempts at timing the market.

Instead, we’ve found that creating an investment strategy based on your financial plan, and having the discipline to follow through with it, yields much better results for our clients.

Investors know that risk and reward go hand in hand. But not all risks are appropriate. By minimizing excessive or unintentional risks, you maximize the probability of a successful outcome.

Sophisticated diversification is the cornerstone to balancing risk and reward. We build customized portfolios with low-cost index funds at the core.

Our long-term portfolios tilt towards high quality companies, trading at reasonable valuations, while our short-term portfolios tilt towards bonds and low-volatility funds. Such factor-tilting has been shown to historically outperform market returns over long periods. Our investment strategies are designed to generate alpha, instead of just facilitate the accumulation of assets.

We eat in our own cooking. The managing principal has a significant portion of his retirement assets in the same strategies and portfolios as his clients.

Minimizing Taxes

For most individuals, nothing is more “taxing” than paying the government their “fair share”.

To help minimize the impact of taxes, we employ tax-efficient ETFs, tax-free Municipal Bonds, a low-turnover approach to portfolio management, as well as a disciplined approach to offsetting gains with losses (technically termed as tax-loss harvesting).

Commission-Free Advice

We do not sell commission-laden products such as whole life insurance or variable annuities. And we have no arrangements to receive kickbacks, or gifts from Mutual Fund companies. Due to this, our solutions are conflict-free and without any bias.

Open Communication

Whether it’s at your home or office, via phone or email, or via web conference, we are available for regular review meetings, or one-off questions.


Whether you have questions about the markets, Federal Reserve Policy, or whether you should refinance your mortgage, we love answering your questions. We want you to be as market-savvy as you want. We also send out a short monthly newsletter to keep you informed of market updates, tax changes, and other opportunities.

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