Mapping Your Investment Success

Beat Today’s Low Interest Rates, Secure Your Future and Avoid High-Fee Plans.

Your income is strong, but how do you make it work for you?

Turn on the TV and everyone’s hollering about the markets — radio hosts shill for insurance plans, the cable money guys are worked up gold prices. Investment gurus start talking about the global market. And you just really want to know how to ensure you retire in dignity.

Is it possible to live passionately and securely without having become an expert on geo-politics and international markets?

Absolutely. That’s why there’s Qubera.

Playing it safe with savings and bonds doesn’t yield the results you need. But taking on investment opportunities outside your 401K is overwhelming without a plan.

Qubera Wealth Management plants an advocate in your corner, a financial expert looking out for your dreams while building a plan to secure your future.

Customized Plans that Meet Your Needs

We cut through the clutter and noise of the financial world to build you a customized financial plan. We’ll match your financial goals with high-yielding investments that are thoroughly researched, vetted and meet time-tested strategies.

You’ll never see an out of the box solution and better yet, as an independent wealth management firm, we keep our client-planner ratio low so we can offer investments that most big firms can’t.

Beyond financial overwhelm lies the well charted teritories of high-fees. Fees and hidden costs at big financial brokerages often total 4 percent of your investments annually, robbing your money of it’s ability to grow quickly.

Qubera’s pricing comes in low and remains highly transparent. We want you to keep more of your returns and meet your goals quickly with as little risk as possible.

Looking for an independent financial planner is a smart move

We’re bound by our fiduciary standard to put your goals and needs first.

You’ll get advice backed by our years of investment experience, relentless research and passion for helping you create wealth.

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