Gain Control of Your Student Loans

Enjoy the Here & Now

Student loans are a huge weight on today’s professionals. Entering school with a bright future, you couldn’t predict the impact those loans would have after graduation. Your professional income seemed more powerful as a student than it does now.

Reality and responsibility can be a buzz kill.

But it’s not the end of your dreams. Simply a matter of balance and direction.

There’s tons of information out there. Every expert has a plan, where are you turning for advice?

Trust a Friend?

Trust a Guru?

Trust Your Gut?

Generic Advise Yields Bland Results

You need a financial planner who knows you and your goals.

To get your best results you need an independent financial planner — someone who knows you, knows your goals and can provide an customized roadmap to get there.

Qubera Wealth Management specializes in navigating the hard choices. We work one on one with clients to balance paying down debt and moving forward with big life opportunities, like weddings, purchasing a home and planning for kids’ college.

I loved going to school and have racked up advanced degrees in engineering and in finance. My wife has too. Needless to say, we understand the push and pull between loans and life goals first hand. There’s a lot of difficult choices, especially living in Southern California.

Personalized Plans to Get You to Your Personal Goals.

Qubera planners will work with you to balance your approach. Ultimately, you make the call — but you’ll do it with knowledge that it’s the best plan for you and your family. Your Qubera planner will develop an actionable plan to help you meet all your life and financial-based goals.

No expensive annuities. no whole life products.

Just step by step guidance that cuts through the weight of student loans and allows you to move forward – worry free, secure financial future intact.

Let’s talk about your life goals &
find your best path to a balanced and secure future.

Every Qubera plan is customized to fit your needs and your goals.

There’s no out of the box solutions. Just tried and true methods for reaching financial security.

We research and analysis so you can gain clarity and relief.

Just thinking about how to balance debt and living puts you at the top of class.
Let’s build a plan to keep you there.