A lot of professionals call themselves financial planners — bankers, stockbrokers, insurance agents and accountants. How do you know if you have a good planner on your team or just a magnificent salesman?

Maybe you’ve met one of those salesman. An advisor pushing a single insurance policy. A consultant pitching complicated investments. The big-name chain employee pressing the latest product of the month.

Pulling back the curtain on these plans usually reveals these loosely named financial advisors are incentivized by commissions, kick-backs, and winning a cruise.

Sadly, the perks rather than your best interest, become the goal.

I’ve seen in in my own family – where poor financial advise and planning led to heartache and confusion. Cleaning up the problems convinced me:

  1. No family should have to deal with financial stress at a time of grief
  2. Proper financial planning shouldn’t be expensive or confusing

That’s why you need a independent financial planner to become an advocate for your hopes and dreams.

You need an advisor who upholds a fiduciary standard — meaning no internal sales quotas or products that benefit the firm instead of the client.

At Qubera Wealth Management you’ll work with one of our financial planners dedicated to your financial peace of mind. With 15 years of investing experience, we are trained with strong financial degrees and investing backgrounds. We dig deep into the research, market trends and analysis.

We thrive on providing you peace of mind and a roadmap to your dreams.

Our name comes from Hindu mythology; Kubera is the god and protector of wealth.
Financial investing shouldn’t break the bank – our fees are low and transparent. And chances are, if we recommend it, we’re personally invested in it too. What’s good for our clients is good for our own families.

The Qubera promise is our pledge is to protect and secure your future. Just like our name.

We bring smart approaches and deep research into our time-tested and sound investment strategies.

After all, it’s our job to dig deep and work hard to build your future.

It’s your job to focus on what’s important:
living now and resting easy; your future is bright.

If you are ready to find a financial planner committed to securing your independent financial future,

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