About Us

Qubera Wealth Management is a fee-only Registered Investment Advisor, providing comprehensive financial solutions for our clients. Unlike most major financial institutions, we are fiduciaries for our clients – which means we have the highest legal obligation to do what’s best for them.

Since we are independent, without ties to any financial services company, our advice is completely objective and our choices of strategies and products are almost unlimited. As a fee-only advisor, we avoid any conflicts of interest that come from commission-based products.

We do not sell any products, only investment advice. We never take custody of our client accounts and utilize insured third party custodians. Our investment advice is customized to your risk tolerance, risk capacity, and long term goals. Our methods are based on historically validated academic research, not opinions or investment fads.

We are dedicated to helping our clients realize their life’s passions. Our goal is to help our clients achieve balance in their lives and attain true financial freedom.